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Source One is a Procurement Service Provider that has been assisting companies with their strategic sourcing requirements since 1992. We help our clients reduce spend (costs for direct and indirect products and services) and the overall cost of acquisition through the application of proven sourcing and purchasing strategies, practices, people and technologies. Results are achieved utilizing a blend of subject matter expertise, our proprietary expert databases, market knowledge and state of the art tools.

Engagements with Source One may include spend consolidation, assistance with statements of work, identification of alternate suppliers, market and supply research, RFP management, price negotiations, and contract recommendations. The objective of our engagements is to help our client to obtain the best overall total-cost and quality of service with existing or new suppliers. We also assist with the transition to a new supplier when needed. Source One audits supplier invoices after new pricing is implemented to insure savings are realized.

A small sampling of the categories that Source One has successfully sourced include: Advertising, Benefits, Chemicals, Direct Materials, Freight, Hardware, Insurance, Material Handling, MRO, Packaging, Small Parcel, Software, Telecommunications, Travel, Treasury Services, Uniforms, & Utilities. Our clients average 18% savings across all product and service categories.

Knowledge transfer, change management, and e-enablement give our clients the ability to maximize savings and drive compliance throughout their organizations. At the end of all projects, Source One electronically enables our clients to be self sufficient with the free strategic sourcing portal

In order to best service our clients, Source One provides flexible fee options for our services. Clients can choose between contingency (gain sharing) based billing, fee for service or a hybrid.

Results are produced collaboratively by Source One and its clients and have a positive impact on the bottom line for years down the road.

Contact Information:
Source One Managment Services, LLC
Willow Grove, PA 19090
Phone: (888) 399-7687

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