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As companies look to squeeze as much efficiency out of their business processes, keep costs down, and ensure less leakage in their expense streams, they look for assistance from recovery auditors. Recovery auditors provide a much needed service to organizations in that they normally only get paid if they find you leakages, take up little of your time to manage, and can provide best practice suggestions for the business process being reviewed. exists to help companies understand more about the entire recovery market through articles, web links, and training events. As there are so many vendors to choose from, they provide a free service that matches a recovery provider to the client company's precise needs.

What The Site Offers:

Recovery Library - Lists articles and other web content to help one to select and work with a recovery auditor.

List of Providers - The master list of recovery auditors by category. Over 250 providers are listed in all.

Services - Given the multitude of recovery auditors, Cash Recovery Partners, LLC will help the client to risk assess the vendor population and select a provider, for free.

Training Events – Vendors and clients can take partin in our web based training events to learn more about the recovery market.

E-zine – Vendors and clients can stay up to date on the latest news and content regarding the recovery market with our related Email subscription magazine.


Cash Recovery Partners, LLC pairs companies with cost recovery providers to identify profit leakages in their cash flows and automate any related error prevention or detection.

We offer a free service to help companies to identify recovery providers.

We also offer custom services and training, depending on the client's precise needs, in the areas of:

  • Recovery service selection and execution
  • Automated error prevention and detection
  • Benefits our past clients have received include

  • Generated cash savings by rooting out control issues, process leakage, and fraud.
  • Found the right recovery auditors to meet precise needs.
  • Developed monitoring systems that continuously monitor key controls.
  • Reduced the cost of future recovery software purchases.
  • Enhanced career potentials for those who were the ones to “identify organizational cash savings”.

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